Press coverage about Crunchy Queen Granola

December 2019

hr fernsehen - broadcast "Die Ratgeber"

"Muesli homemade" 

Quote:  "... a delicious and healthy mix can also be easily made by yourself." Crunchy Queen "Julia Kendzior shows us how to do it. And she also has the recipe for her crunchy chocolate with her. It is also suitable very good as a nice gift idea for Christmas. "

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August 2018

Fancy country kitchen items   

"Crunchy Queen Crunchy Granola" 

Quote: "Because she found her beloved granola in Germany to be too sweet and unhealthy, she diligently rolled up her sleeves and started baking her own muesli in the home kitchen without flavor enhancers and artificial flavors, but with a little agave syrup. Only for himself, then for family

and friends and now for everyone! "

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June 2018

SHAPE article 

"May we introduce?" 

Quote: "MUNTERMACHER - Breakfast in healthy, please! Crunchy Queen Julia Kendzior makes it possible, no refined sugar, no flavor enhancers, no artificial flavorings ..."

Shape - May we introduce Crunchy Queen
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April 2018

Wiesbaden courier article 

"The Crunchy Queen of Frankfurt: Julia Kendzior makes special  cereals" 

Quote: " Roasted aromas hover in the air. Roasted almonds, baked  oatmeal, cinnamon. All ingredients of the cereal that started it all. "

Wiesbadener Kurier - Crunchy Queen stell
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February 2018

hr tv - broadcast service: trends

"The Crunchy Queen from Frankfurt Heddernheim" 

Quote: " In their muesli manufactory in Frankfurt-Heddernheim, handmade creations are created that all do without flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and artificial flavorings. In addition, Julia Kendzior's mueslis are not sweetened with refined sugar, but with agave syrup."

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January 2018

Food & Farm items 

"The Crunchy Queen" 

Quote: "Mueslis are healthy. Julia Kendzior's homemade granolas are" healthier "- without sugar, made by hand. The Frankfurt native has made it to the" Crunchy Queen "". 

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December 2017

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung - Article

"Flake bakery to watch" 

Quote: "A blonde woman stands in the former vault of a former savings bank branch in a narrow street in Frankfurt's Heddernheim district and mixes oatmeal with agave syrup: Julia Kendzior, founder and operator of a small company that specializes in the production of cereals ." 

FAZ - flake bakery to
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December 2017

HR3 - radio broadcast

"Culinary Foray" 

Quote: "... the cereal baker from Frankfurt Heddernheim, and yes, the cereal baker is exactly the right word, but I have to understand that first ." 

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