New: Limited Edition Pink Power Muesli
New: Limited Edition Pink Power Muesli

New: Limited Edition Pink Power Muesli

ca. 2-3 days ca. 2-3 days (abroad may vary)
9,71 EUR
2,86 EUR per 100g

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Limited Edition: Dried Moroccan Mint
Moroccan mint grown, dried and packaged by the disabled workshop of the Antonius-Werk in Fulda, is a true "all-rounder", for refining cereals, dishes of all kinds or for pouring on and enjoying as tea. These are noble whole leaves, therefore very full-bodied in taste.

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New: Limited Edition Crunchy Queen Honey
Crunchy Queen honey!
How did that happen?

Silke and Stephan are regular customers of mine, have bees, keep beekeeping and live in the beautiful Vogelsberg district in Hesse. They offered me their honey, said and done, a nice handmade label and a self-designed stamp later and Tatatata, and that's it

Crunchy Queen honey!

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Crunchy Granola Muesli Queen Size 500g + vegetable bag in an economy set
Your favorite muesli in a savings set with a vegetable bag. Choose your favorite muesli (500g), you will receive the vegetable bag with it. The pattern of the vegetable bag shown is just an example. All bags are unique.

RRP 22,47 EUR
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Chiasamen 100g
The chia seeds are rich in fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. They are ideal for stirring into fruit or vegetable juices or as an ingredient in yogurt or mueslis.

2,85 EUR
2,85 EUR per 100g